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This YouTube playlist I created is really great, if I say so myself – it contains an episode of Double Fine Productions’ Devs Play series, where developers go back and reminisce while playing their classic games. This episode’s videos specifically cover Doom, and offer lots of great insights and anecdotes regarding its design and development from developer/level designer/hair master John Romero.

Doom holds a special place in my heart, and, in point of fact, is close to if not my favorite game of all time. Its combination of hellish surreality, breakneck speed, and challenging puzzle-like gameplay make it a touchstone gaming experience for those with the stomach. I wholeheartedly suggest finding a source port for the platform of your choice (I’m partial to ZDoom on Windows and either PrBoom+ or Doomsday for OS X), grabbing the shareware Doom .wad or the full Monty on Steam for $15, and knocking on Hell’s door yourself.