Joe Wojciechowski's Homepage

: New Year

It’s been a long time.

The site has been updated with an old coat of paint. Similar to Mr. Sanglard (read his books), I find myself highly suspicious of any sort of fancy websites nowadays, so here we are.

In the past year I’ve made a point of cleaning up as many of my Internet accounts as I can. Such things tend to rot and, well, get breached when you’re not looking. By making use of 1Password’s catalog of most of my Internet presence, I’ve been able to greatly reduce my online footprint. No more Facebook. No Instagram. No Tumblr. Basically just the Twitter and Mastodon links you see in the header (I’ve yet to decide what to do about the Mastodon account - Twitter is proving to be pretty cancerous as well).

I wish I had some grand proclamation to make to ring in 2019, but instead I’d just like to:

  • Be a good dad/husband.
  • Play lots of video games.
  • Read lots of books.
  • Do a good job at work.
  • Stop the imminent irreversible destruction of the world climate.

Gotta have a stretch goal.